Hurricane Harvey Must Have Had Fun With This!!

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Danger Will Robinson! Hurricane!


I saw this in San Antonio Texas RIGHT before the hurricane hit. The day before actually, and no one was actively working on it or anything, it’s just sitting there. This item caught my eye, and stood out for a few reasons, never mind the impending hurricane!

Heads Up!

Boy that refrigerant can must have done some damage, unless someone had the forethought to take it down. I didnt go back to see. Back to CT I went (AFTER the hurricane of course!)

You MIGHT be needing one of these in that area for sure. It looks like it would fight right in down that way!

And yes,that is indeed a hard hat!!


I Thought it was so odd, to leave the can there whether it’s empty or full, projectile vs valuable. I’m sure everyone does things like this never considering what may happen down the road, but by playing the “what if” game maybe a light bulb would go off and shout out “HEY! this could be bad in Soooo many ways!”.

I try to think about things like this and so far it has saved me more times than it hasn’t. I’ve always heard that little voice say “hey! don’t leave that there!” and noticed that whenever I didn’t listen, I was usually sorry, so I started listening. Some people I think even if they thought to themselves, “what could happen?” never see any further than what’s right in front of them anyway. Why not try to avoid issues, it’s worth a shot anyway.


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